A lesson in Bras/Binders/Sports bras.


So you’re probably wondering “What the fuck is this old ass dude talking about?” Right? Well let me inform you about some shit. I’ve seen a lot of people wearing bras/binders that are too tight or ill fitting. So I’m gonna educate you guys on the dangers of this. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, if your bra/binder’s too small it’s going to cause you health problems. No shit, no joke, you’re going to have issues. 

I’ll go over each section and if you see your’s, scroll down to the Health issues part that applies to you.

So you’ve got a large cup size, right? You know how shitty those things can feel. Bad posture, heavy on the shoulders, curves the spine, and your breasts sag when not properly supported. All in all, big breasts cause a fuck ton of problems. But that can be remedied with the proper bra size. If you wear a bra that actually fits you (I’ll be covering that segment shortly), you’ll find that your breasts feel lighter, your posture improves, your shoulders and back hurt less, and you don’t have as many problems. I’ll be covering more health issues later.

Like to wear large silicone inserts or breast implants? Better check this out. It doesn’t seem important, does it? It is, it’s so fucking important you need to listen. If you wear large inserts or have large implants and you wear the wrong cup size and strap size, you’re in for hell. Not only will it seem less realistic, but it actually can cause the same problems that having 100% organic breasts would. If it’s ill fitting, you need to size up. We’ll cover the health problems it causes momentarily. 

Love your sports bras or use them for compression? Need to size your breasts down because you don’t feel comfortable with ‘em jutting out and you use either a sports bra or a binder? Pay attention because this part applies to you. Sports bras support your breasts by compression means, not lifting. So why do you need to be careful with the sizing? Because if that shit’s too tight, you’re going to have breathing problems and it can also misshape your top ribs. You need to be careful with what binders you buy as well. Yes, they’re meant to be constricting, but you have to be careful with how long you wear them as well. I’ll cover the health risks of sports bras and binders later on. 

Do you have bulges anywhere around your bra? If that’s the case, it’s too fucking tight. If you still have bulges anywhere around your bra after loosening the back and the straps, then you need to get a properly sized bra. We’ll move onto sizing after the health issues section.

There’s more sections but those are the basics so let’s move on. 

-Health issues- 

What health issues could a ill fitting bra, binder, or a sports bra cause you? Well here’s the list folks (We’ll go into detail momentarily): 

Doesn’t seem like a long list, does it? But a list doesn’t have to be long to be dangerous. Now let’s cover these health issues in detail and in sections. 

Ill fitting bras: 

Breast cancer-

I know what you’re thinkin’,”How the fuck can a bra increase the risk of breast cancer?” Well it’s not entirely solid, there’s still studies and disputes going on, but better safe than sorry, right? Let’s elaborate. 

A survey showed that those who had breast cancer were also the ones who reported wearing bras for more than 12 hours a day. (Wearing a bra too long can be seriously shitty anyways man.) The study concluded that the constricting effect of bras suppressed the lymphatic system below the armpits, blocking an internal network of vessels supposed to flush toxic wastes from the body. (Ill fitting bras are the fucking bane of anyone’s existence) Over time, these toxins accumulate in the breast tissues and create an environment in which cells can turn cancerous.

An ill fitting bra could suppress the nocturnal elevation of the hormone melatonin, which some doctors have claimed could also increase the risk of breast cancer. Seriously folks, this shit is dangerous. Although they haven’t concluded any solid evidence of this, it’s better to know about the possibility than to not know and wind up as a statistic. 

Bad posture/Back problems/Skin stretching- 

As many people know, big breasts (Implants or Natural), can cause some serious back pain and spinal problems. Without a bra they can cause pulling of the shoulders, skin stretching, and slouching (Which results in back pain). Back problems are usually associated with bad posture, fix your posture and you fix your pain, right? Not always. People with large breasts usually end up slouching when they don’t wear a bra, it’s kind of a habitual thing. Wearing an ill fitting bra, however, will make it worse. If your bra doesn’t fit right, if it’s too lose or too tight, it can cause your pain to worsen. If it’s too lose, well then it’s not supporting your breasts right and it’s doing absolutely nothing for you. If it’s too tight, then it’s making you slouch to alleviate the pressure on your skin. The tightness of the straps on your shoulders also make you slouch instinctively to alleviate the pressure as well. 

Shoulder pain- 

If you were a bra that has too thin of straps or with the straps too tight, you’re going to cut off the circulation to the muscles around that area. Which is going to cause pain because not only are you starving your muscles of the blood they need, you’re also pinching nerves and bruising the skin and tissue. Which is seriously no good.

Breathing problems-

Doesn’t seem like that’s a possibility, right? How can a simple piece of clothing that only has three straps (Usually) constrict your breathing? Well guess what? It fuckin’ does, big time. If your bra’s too tight, it’s cutting off the circulation and it’s compressing your ribs and constricting your breathing. Not only does that starve your lungs of precious blood, but you’re also starving your brain of it in some cases. I know you love that designer bra and you’re devastated it doesn’t come in your size, but unless you want to risk cracking a rib and starving yourself of oxygen that you need, don’t buy a smaller size. You need air, air is vital, that colorful print can be found elsewhere or you can even google some DIY bra decorating tips. (Google is a fucking godsend.) 

Circulation issues-

A bra that’s too tight can pinch off vital areas of blood flow. You need blood to your shoulders? Sorry bucko, that strap’s going to constrict it and you’re just going to have ice for hands later on. Oh so you wanted your skin to be a good color? Whoah there friend, you’d have to loosen those straps first. Blood flow is vital to support your organs and your body. Without blood we’d be sacks of decomposing corpses my friend. Circulation is important, it’s why you get up at six in the morning and go on that jog or why you wiggle your toes and keep from putting your tight hair tie off your wrist. It’s important to have a healthy blood circulation to support your body and a bra that’s too tight will keep that from happening. 


"How the fuck does a bra make you dizzy?" An ill fitting bra causes breathing problems and circulation issues. Both of these relate to being dizzy. Without proper blood flow or air, you’re going to get light headed and dizzy. This shit right here can cause your productiveness to decline and your irritation to incline. Want to be happier? Wear a bra that fits. You’ll have less issues.

Muscle issues-

Yes, I know it’s hella hard to go without wearing a bra, but if you wear one constantly, even when you sleep; your breasts aren’t going to develop the tissue and muscles needed to support your breasts naturally. This is going to cause mild issues and can even develop early on sagging. Want those perky breasts that make you look hella fine? Take off your bra when you’re at home. You have no use for it unless you’ve got company over and if it’s a friend? Why the fuck are you wearing a bra anyways? It’s like when a dude invites a buddy over, we give no fucks and will walk around in our boxers or buck ass naked. It’s a part of your body, you don’t need a bra. Your body will naturally build a support for it and that will increase your breast health. There’s been studies that shows bras are actually not needed at all. 

Now would I suggest you to stop wearing a bra if you’ve been wearing one for several decades? No, because by that point your breasts aren’t going to develop the needed tissue/muscle. So just be sure to wear a HEALTHILY fitting bra to keep your muscles from having issues, okay? 

Skin problems-

Wearing a bra that’s too tight will cause sores, acne, rashes, lesions, lumps, and can even cause rawness and cuts. Wearing a bra that’s too loose will cause the same as above except the lumps, lesions, and cuts. Too loose of straps will rub your skin and irritate it, it also causes acne to sprout up because you’re actively piling dirt from your skin and shirt by the constant shifting and rubbing of the loose strap, which can also lead to sores and rashes and lesions. A bra that’s too tight will do all of this and a few more things. If it’s too too tight it’ll cause cuts. You can also expect some raw skin because let’s face it, people move a LOT even when sitting, which causes the strap to rub the skin and since it’s tight, it’ll be harsher. This also causes lumps beneath the skin from built up toxins and knotted muscles and tissue. 


How the fuck does a tight bra cause headaches? Same way it causes dizziness. Headaches come on due to blood circulation and oxygen issues. It also comes from stemming pain in the neck and shoulders. You really don’t want that migraine? Don’t wear that bra that’s an inch too small in the strap. 

Stomach problems-

Oh now I know you’re staring at the screen all “What the fuuuuck” like right now, but shut it and read on. A bra that’s too tight digs into your ribs and your upper stomach. This can cause food to not be digested properly and cause your stomach to hurt like fuck. You want your menstrual cycle to ease up a little? Take off that tight bra and trust me, you’ll feel a million times better. Not only will it ease up on the pressure caused to your already sensitive breasts, but it’ll stop making your stomach hurt which’ll help you with some of the pain. Let’s face it, you’re feeling like shit as it is and stomach aches are only going to make it ten times worse and inflame your cramps. You don’t want any of that. 

Spinal problems- 

An ill fitting bra can cause you to slouch and everything else as stated above. This can result in spinal curving, which will have you permanently slouching and in a shit ton of pain half the time. Just wear a better fitting bra, okay? 

Binders/Sports bras:

Now binders and sports bras are often used, but not many know the damages that can be done by using them too much. While they cause the issues above because they’re tight and compress your chest, they can also cause other health problems. Especially with Binding, if done incorrectly. 

Permanent bone damage-

Everyone who wears a binder; pay attention. Binders are great, they do a lot of good for people who are uncomfortable with female parts or just want to be male occasionally, but you need to know the dangers of binding improperly. Bone damage is one of those dangers. If you constantly bind without giving your ribs, spine, and breasts a break; you’re going to cause misshaping and possibly even break a rib. If you bind too tight, you’ll not only have breathing problems, you’ll also risk puncturing a lung by breaking a rib when you do that awesome dance move that needs you to do that badass turn. 

Permanent bone damage is no joke. You can seriously cause your ribs to slowly move inwards and your spine to curve if you bind too tightly or do it too much. Cracked ribs are not worth you wearing your binder for 14 hours or wearing it way too tight. Please get a binder that’s sized for your breasts and is breathable and comfortable. 

Permanent tissue changes-

Binding or wearing an all too tight sports bra for long periods of time or over the course of a few years will result in breast tissue becoming elongated and more malleable, actually making binding easier. But if you’re an individual that is comfortable with their breasts at points (Gender fluid or otherwise as an example), you wouldn’t want that. Sports bras compress as their support, so this applies to them too. Wearing them all the time can result in this as well. 

Now I know there are a lot of situations where binding is an absolute must, but fucking do it safely. Do not use ace bandage, plastic wrap, or tape. Using any of these methods can peel away skin and permanently damage one’s ribs. If you need a binder, please refer to a Trans* resource. Talk to someone you feel comfortable with or google it. You can find a way around binding dangerously. 

Moving on, let’s take a moment to go over how all of these issues can be prevented or cured. 

Properly measure your breasts. There’s a really good site that helps you with this to find the perfect size of your bra for you. It’s called Sizemapp, and I’ve looked into it myself to ensure it’s good. 

The bra test: Have a friend slip their hand beneath the back strap of your bra, if it’s loose enough for them to do so with little restraint, you’re good. If you can turn the hand vertically and have pressure but not a ridiculous amount of restraint, you’re still good. 

Go see your doctor regularly for breast examinations. While I understand that some men are uncomfortable with having breasts, your health is more important. Until you can get what you want done, please go see your doctor regularly for examinations. You may still have to see your doctor after surgery because you may still have breast tissue there. No need for you to get any serious illnesses. 

Check for the signs of an ill fitting bra or binder. I’ll list some pictures below a readmore for visual reference. 

Take it off. When you’re at home, take it off. Don’t wear a bra constantly. Don’t wear one to sleep. Don’t ruin your breast integrity by constantly compressing or lifting them. Your body needs a break, so do you, go have some tea or what ever your favorite drink is and revel in your personal freedom yo. 

Don’t buy it. If it looks like it’s too small or too big, it probably is. Try it on first and check for the signs before purchasing. If you can’t try it on and there’s a no return policy, do not buy that shit. If it looks cute, snap a picture of the design and look into a DIY bra decorating thing on google. That shit can be perfect if you practice it.

A proper fitting bra/binder is important and your health should come before anything else. Don’t let a cute design or anything keep you from being healthy. 

This has been your lesson in bras/binders from, have ‘ah nice day/evenin’ and be sure to pass this around to your friends.

Visuals below cut: 

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That moment when you get on your personal after like, months of abandoning it and find Ashe being a dorrrrrrk in your inbox. 

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